Malesicky Park

It’s Saturday guys! Time to spend some time outside. Today we would like to introduce you to our neighborhood!

We live in Prague 10, which is in the Malešice district. It almost has that suburb kind of feeling here. There are many family houses with gardens, apartment buildings and only a few stores where you can actually buy something. It’s all very quiet and family oriented.

In the middle of Malešice lies one of the nicest parks in Prague. Malešický Park was renovated between 2011 and 2013, so now it’s really modern with lots of playgrounds for children of every age. There are also designated places for exercising, for seniors, and even a zone for dogs off the leash.

 Our kids really love the aquatic/sounds feature that’s there. A variety of pumps, troughs, windmills and wooden swings run a series of fountains. Also very popular is the spider rope web and other small entertaining features such as the stone organ chimes.

We come to Malešický Park almost every day with our puppy Brambora!

Photos by Kubo Krizo