Tomas and I love antiques because they just have that feeling of the old days. We love the smell of worn objects covered with a thin layer of dust. Sometimes we don’t even know what we’re holding or looking at, but if we really love it, we usually buy it anyway and figure it out when we get home.

Basically, we end up with a large pile of plates, cups, silverware, etc. You know we love cooking and food in general, so it’s not surprising that we love getting "new" kitchenware for our bjukitchen! ;-))

Antique Hrudka Classic Stylle has been open for many years, and the owner Mrs. Hrudkova takes extremely good care of her store. The place is clean and full of the most interesting things. We love to come here especially to look for presents for our foreign friends because these are antiques you can't get anywhere else in the world!

t’s always an exciting moment to wake up and have Tomas say, “Hun, it's Saturday, are you ready for an antique day?” The answer is always YES!