Le Caveau Bakery

Tomas and I are absolutely addicted to freshly baked bread! The thick, crispy crust of it. The way it cracks and crumbles. Om nom nom. Always when we travel, we love searching for the best bread the city has to offer, so our hunt begins quickly wherever we go.

We thought the best bread we’d ever had was in Copenhagen. Every corner of the city has bakeries with the best loaves, croissants, and baguettes. (It comes as no surprise that we definitely gained a few pounds on that trip.)

But! Then we started thinking. What about that bread in Denmark, or in Italy, or somewhere else? Since it took us a few minutes to decide, we agreed that “on 3” we’d yell out the best place we’d ever had bread. 1, 2, 3… both of us shout THE BEST IS IN BALTHAZAR! (Balthazar is a delicious bakery in NYC). So, we settled that debate. In our opinion Balthazar Bakery has the best bread we’ve ever had. If you ever go to NYC, you should definitely stop by. It’s actually like you’re having a warm apple pie! 

We also had to hunt to find our favorite bakery in Prague. The kids, Tomas, and I love croissants. I mean, who doesn't, right? Last September we decided that we would find the best croissants in Prague. Each afternoon for 9 days, I brought home croissants for Benjamin and Kryšpin. While we were eating them, we chatted about their flavor and crispness. It was always so much fun because there we were, all hanging out, giving out “points”, with crumbs absolutely everywhere. The kids love giving out points for “good things”, so the project was going well.

After 9 days, we narrowed it down to our 3 favorites. It was time to make a final decision. Which bakery has the best croissants in Prague? One afternoon I brought all three finalists home, and, after careful consideration, we all agreed on a winner. The best croissants in Prague are made in the Le Caveau Bakery! The kids love their croissants so much that I have to bring them to school every day, and they always ask, “Bara, are these the good ones?” And when I say “Yes”, they start jumping up and down. :-)) 

Le Caveau Bakery is a small, cozy French spot, connected to a quaint little café, on Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad. The bakery uses special flour in their bread that comes all the way from Burgundy, and they make absolutely everything from scratch. The staff even took classes in a Burgundy bakery so that they would all learn the proper technique for baking the breads. They sell three or four kinds of baguettes, French white bread, buns, and, of course, croissants! No need to say more. Go there, grab some bread, and you will immediately know what we’re talking about! :-)))