The Most Magical Street in Prague

It’s called v Kotcích. And I would say, most people probably haven’t ever heard of it. There are thousands of visitors and locals every single day who simply pass by it without even knowing that it exists!

The reason for that is because this narrow street happens to be hidden in the middle of Old Town, between Uhelný Trh, Havelská, Melantrichova and Rytířská streets. It is interesting to me because somehow these streets always seem to be buzzing and crowded, yet, no one seems to notice v Kotcích. No one ever really walks through it.

 Here’s a little history. The name of the street is derived from the fact that there was a big market hall here in 1362, where traders used to sell cloth and fur goods. The hall was subsequently torn down and replaced by houses, but in the second half of last century, merchandising businesses did partially return to the street, erecting stands selling discounted items. 

Today, however, the quiet little street at only 7 meters wide is a hidden gem in the bustling city center. Daytime or nighttime, we love Ulice v Kotcích because it still has that magical feeling of Old Prague. Look for it the next time you’re in the center. Sidestep into its calm atmosphere, cover your ears to block out noise from surrounding streets, and enjoy peace in the city!