Prague Street Food Festival 2016

Prague Street Food... Where There's None

At the end of every year, we sit down and talk about the meals, restaurants and events we liked the most that particular year in Prague. In the past two years, the Street Food Festival has always been at the very top of the list. To create an event of this size and appeal in a country that virtually lacks any of its own traditional street food (discounting the horrible sausages at the Wenceslas Square and the tourist traps in the Old Town) is close to a miracle. And they’re at it again this year.

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And the people clearly appreciate the effort: the last Street Food Festival, held this past Sunday, was full of people despite the unseasonably cold weather and rain. Despite this, the food trucks of some permanent establishments like Banh-mi-ba or Las Adelitas stayed virtually empty, which only goes to show that the crowds want to explore new sensations, while leaving the food they may have had already intact. Which is really great and drives the variety and quality of the food served. And you know what? We liked the DJ, too.  

Sure, the Sunday’s event is history now, so why do we write about it? Because the organisers have brought back the Street Food Jams, the bi-weekly streamlined events that showcase some of the Prague street food stands at the same venue in front of the Cross Club right next to the Nadrazi Holesovice subway and tram station in the Holesovice district some 15 minutes from the centre by public transport. Starting on 12 June on, these will be held every 2 weeks: 26 June, 10 and 24 July, and 7 and 21 August. Save the date!   
To help you navigate the events, we’re bringing you some of the Sunday event’s Prague street food highlights, and things to look out for in the next Street Food Jams:

Le Pizze di Frankie / Pizz’n’Prague: It’s amazing what these guys can do with the portable electric G3 Ferrari ovens. They don’t get crazy with the toppings and keep things simple. Still (and maybe because of this) it was good enough to be probably our favourite thing we ate on Sunday.

Veltlin: We cannot imagine a single Street Food Festival without the interesting natural wines from the Karlin-based wine bar that also happens to run the Prague Drinks Wine festival. The wines are always fun and the selection is big enough to compliment any food you choose. The only downside? Jan seems unable not to break at least one glass during the event.

Kavovy klub: The venerable specialty coffee legends who run the Kafe Karlin and Kafe Kolej cafes keep you caffeinated via delicious coffee whenever you’ve had just a bit too much wine.

Dortikovo: The donuts served at the SFF we fun and pretty good. Could be a bit sweeter but overall we liked them a lot!

Prague Jerk Station: The pulled brisket was not as good as their finger-lickin-delicious pulled pork we had the last year, but still it’s a fun thing to have.

Hot God: Highly Instagrammable hot bbq, chilli and “Balkan” dogs: by far the best hot dogs at the market - big, messy, juicy, daring. Have one and you’re done for the day.

TamarindTree: Dim sum dumplings from one of Prague’s most popular pop-ups. ‘Nuff said.

Nomadis: As always, delicious and yummy vegetarian and meaty food with a Middle Eastern twist by the people around the infamous Chef Rachad.

Okay, we could not taste every little thing, but there were so many other temptations: the crepes by Galetka or Mikey’s Little Sins, the buns by Bao Bao, the stand of Javanka & Co., and so many more things! But hey, you have only one stomach. Or at least we do.

To see how much food you can actually fit in, be sure to check out some of the Street Food Jams yourselves! We know we’ll be there, and our wifi hotspot, too. Just look for the “Taste of Prague loves SFF” network. No password. Remember: if you didn’t tweet it, you didn’t eat it. #sff #tasteofprague