Yes! You’ve booked a tour!


Excellent choice. We can't wait to meet you in Prague! Since we want to make sure you enjoy your entire stay here, please find below some information that you can use in Prague before or after the tour. Call us control freaks, but that's the way we roll.


who will run my tour?

Only time will tell. Oh, and Zuzi, who assigns the tours a few days in advance. Do you have a special request for the guide? Have you been recommended someone? Just send her an email and she will do her best, based on their availability, so we can’t put a guarantee on it. That said, until cloning is a real thing, we will still run our wild drinking parties training sessions to make sure everybody gets the same experience no matter who runs the tour.

At the moment our tours can be run by any of the following (click the names for more info):

  • Jan. The co-founder. Went to high-school with Beyoncé and was an extra in Barbara Streisand’s Yentl. ‘Nuff said.

  • Karolína. The mom of two that ties the group together. If she can’t make you laugh, please check your pulse.

  • Markéta. The OCD planner that tries to please everyone. And succeeds. As she says, she’s a crazy redhead but will do her best not to steal your soul.

  • Martin. An instant friend, and one of the tallest you’ve ever had. His superpower: is friends with everyone in Prague’s food and design industry.

  • Anna. The famous one. Anna is no stranger to Prague’s culinary scene, being the driving force behind the super popular Divozenka soda brand and the organic Silak broths.

  • Hana. Her calm presence and friendly demeanor and a sheer interest in everyone will have you ask: whaaaat? That girl is a lawyer?

Prague foodie map

Normally a paid download, we enclose a pdf version of our Prague Foodie Map, a collection of our best tips for Prague when it comes to eating and drinking out, shopping for products made by local designers or producers, and enjoying Prague from a local perspective. This is the cornerstone of the whole Taste of Prague experience, and many of our guests have been using the booklet to plan their entire stay.

our prague best of’s

We’ll make this quick, so here we go:

For best coffee shops in Prague, click here. Our favorites? Onesip coffee and Kafemat. It ain’t hard to see us there.

For best cocktail bars in Prague, click here. Parlour is still our favorite. Check out Schody, their new opening underneath the Prague Castle!

For best wine bars in Prague, click here. Bokovka all the way! Veltlin for natural wines.

For best craft beer places in Prague, click here. New addition: Dva kohouti in the Karlin district. An amazing place and a must if you are into craft beers.

For best local shopping in Prague, click here. A selection of Prague local designers by our friends at the Kurator shop.

Best fine dining for that special occasion? You gotta do the Michelin stars, La Degustation and Field. But let us know what you like, need or look for, and we will recommend the right venue for you.

Best casual dining that is not on the tour? We really like Kuchyn, the only restaurant with a view (in the summer) that makes sense to us. The Bottega bistros that serve modern Italian fare in less formal settings. Our favorite? Bottega Linka. Make a reservation in one of the street-facing boxes. For Asian, check out Taro or QQ Asian Kitchen. (Some tours may visit Sansho, which would be our first recommendation, so please ask ahead.) For modern Czech, have a look at The Eatery or KRO Kitchen (the latter is more of a fast food joint, but an elevated one and one of our favorite places in Prague at the moment. And The Real Meat Society if you love meat.

Two best Prague walks: the Vysehrad fortress and back to the city centre along the river banks, and then the early morning walk to the Charles Bridge, followed by breakfast at Café Savoy and walk to the Prague Castle along a route that is not touristy.

Looking for other tours in Prague? For sights, we really like Marketa of Praga Caput Regni and Kristian of Prague Local Friends. Marcela Vuong will show you around the Vietnamese Sapa market. Filippo will take you out of the city and within it on a bike. Fancy craft beers with a guide? Check out our friends at Prague Craft Beer Tour.

Prague neighborhood guides

You will notice that Prague is incredibly touristy, especially during the summer months. Our rule of thumb: visit the main sights early in the morning or late in the evening, and go elsewhere during the day. And why not the more residential districts that surround the centre? At least you’ll find something more real than the historical centre where absolutely no locals live.

  • Letná district is cool, green and easy going, with lots of galleries.

  • Vinohrady district is affluent, leafy and home to some of the best food in town.

  • Zizkov district, the Montmartre of Prague, is bohemian, picturesque and has a unique vibe.

  • Karlín district is post-industrial, gentrified, on a grid, cool and full of young tech people.