Our Prague Foodie Map is Out Now!

A while ago, we wrote a post about our Prague Foodie Map. So? What’s up with it? 

Well, we have an announcement to make. The time has come. The map is ready. As of today, we have it ready for you, and you can find it in a few selected establishments we will reveal as we go. 

It’s an extension of our blog. On paper.  

You see, it’s sometimes tough to find time for our blog, especially during our high season when we’re so busy with the Prague food tours. But then we get an email from a traveller thanking us for the blog and the tips, and sharing their experience and sending pics of the food they loved in Prague. And we’re happy and excited to write more. 
And the Prague Foodie Map is for you all who want to fall in love with the city and its food and drinks. A small book that shows the Prague we love, with the food and drinks we blame for our failed efforts to lose those love handles we’ve been trying to shed without success. 

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We have invested so much time, effort and emotion into the map we really do think of this “edition zero”, as imperfect as it might be, as our little child. A true reflection of ourselves. And then you put it out there. It’s scary. You're afraid that people won’t like it. That they’ll point out the omissions. That they will ridicule it. It’s so personal it’s like getting naked in front of a crowd of strangers.  

But would we do it again? Absolutely! We’ve actually started already. This is something that will continue to grow in the future. We absolutely love this little thing, and we hope you’ll love it too, and that it will make your stay in Prague that much better. And if you gain a few pounds? Even better! Just listen to your grandma - you’re too skinny anyway! 

So what’s the Prague Foodie Map? A selection of our favorite places to eat, drink and shop in Prague, all with our personal tips and suggestions on what to order and what to buy. The map also includes a checklist of the twelve must-eats in Prague, which can be conveniently ticked off as you eat your way through the city. Four interviews with locals we love to spend time with and who happen to be experts in food, beer, wine and coffee and are willing to reveal their secret tips. Some beautiful photography of Prague. And more. 

We will also be offering the map as a digital download. As we’ve been offering it to our tour guests for preorders, many of them asked for a digital version, and it does make sense. So you’ll buy a pdf that you can put on your phone, tablet or laptop, and use it whenever you want. 

The price of both the printed and digital version will be the same: EUR 4. 

So there you have it. The map is ready. We’ve done our part. Now it’s up to you. The food won’t eat itself, and the waiters are waiting! 

Enjoy Prague and eat well! 

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