The new Prague Foodie Map is here! Bigger, fatter, badder.

So the day has arrived and we are happy to announce the third itineration of what our moms, and the voices inside our heads, say is by far the best food guide to Prague - the Prague Foodie Map.

This version did not come easy to us. Originally scheduled “before Christmas”, it took us over half a year to finish. And let us tell you, a lot of things can happen in six months on Prague’s food scene, which has led to many, many, many rewrites. This was the first full version we wrote as parents, and in many way, the process showed. But at the end of the day, we feel that writing the guide as parents has added a completely new dimension that the guide lacked before. (And no, we’re not talking about sleep deprivation.)


What is the Prague Foodie Map?

Well, if you’ve been living under a rock, the PFM is the best (and really the only) guide to Prague’s food scene… and so much more. Since its first publication in 2015, what used to be an expanded listicle of the best restaurants, coffee shops and bars in town has evolved into a full fledged guide to Prague’s more local scene that lets you experience the real Prague and give you more exposure to all things local.

Why do we write this guide? Two reasons: (1) we get questions from the guests of our Prague food tours and this has been the easiest way of answering them in bulk, while adding value on top of it; and (2) we simply can’t let mass tourism write the narrative of Prague as a place of beautiful sights and cheep beer. Sure, Prague has both of these things, but that just completely ignores all the other great things Prague has to offer. This guide is here to fill up that void.

So what is new?

  • Volume. When we say it’s fatter, it’s fatter. There’s simply more information in the guide. We went up from 87 pages to whooping 146 pages. Sure, we still call it a map for legacy reasons. It’s not a map anymore though.

  • Interviews. In addition to interviews about food and drinks, the PFM now adds interviews about brutalism in Prague, clubbing, jogging, and the LGBT community.

  • Tips. Each member of Taste of Prague provides their tips on something they love and know: Anna writes about meat, Markéta about paper and stationery, Martin and Pilsner pubs, Karolina about kids playgrounds, Jan about his guiltiest pleasures, and Zuzi about things to buy.

  • Recommendations. The count of recommended places nearly doubled from 77 to 124. The biggest increase? Shopping. Now you can literally shop till you drop in Prague.

  • Neighborhood walks. We have been getting great feedback on the walks we included in our previous versions, so we have expanded the whole but into eight neighborhood walks from Stresovice to Vrsovice and anything in between. Now if your feet don’t hurt when you leave Prague, our job was not well done.

  • Design. The design has been updated by the guys over at artbureau. They cleaned up the things that worked before, changed a few things and added a few artsy touches.

  • Advertisements. This is the first ever edition of our Prague Foodie Map that was partly funded by advertisements. And we are happy and proud to have some really awesome sponsors:

    • Rückl: what else should we advertise than high quality glass for the thinking man and woman? As Markéta says: Moser quality without the kitch and ridiculous price tag.

    • Lípa: Souvenirs from Prague for the thinking man and woman with an artsy soul. We absolutely love these: classy and cool and perfect for any home.

    • Kudos to the Prague Tourism Board for sponsoring our guide. They do a cracking job at creating original content both online and in print, and are super serious about tackling the overtourism in the centre. We wish all governmental authorities were as capable and focused as this.

    • Hotel Emblem: The coolest hotel in Prague at the moment. We’re happy we get to work with them. Hope this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

    • Pilsner Urquell: Now, we’re especially proud of this one, because we’re big fans of Pilsner Urquell, and is there anything more Czech than the classic pale lager… invented by a Bavarian brewmaster? Yeah, we didn’t think so either.

    • Empirent: Don’t want to stay in a hotel? Empirent has a great selection of really cool apartments where it matters. Well appointed and run, we’re happy to have these apartments aboard.

    • Wolt: We generally are not super fond of food delivery services, but Wolt’s portfolio is actually quite impressive and includes a few of our true favorites. So why not share them with you?

Where can you buy the Prague Foodie Map?

The guide comes in two flavors: as a pdf guide available for download, or as a printed guide available for sale at select shops, bars, restaurants and coffee shops throughout Prague.

PDF Version

The pdf version can be used on your phone or tablet or computer when you’re at home, planning for your visit to Prague, or on the move in Prague proper. It comes with a customized Google map and a file that uploads the pins to an offline map app of your choice. If you can’t wait any longer and need to download it, click the button below.

Printed version

The printed version includes a full and a zoomed-in map of Prague with all the recommended places, 144 pages of text printed on quality Munken paper, and will be the envy of all other travelers when you put it next to your coffee in Prague. It can be bought in the places shown in the map below.

Now, we normally don’t sell the printed PFM online and ship. But we have been known to be persuaded by a nice, properly adoring email. That said, you will be responsible for Czech Post’s shipping costs and we dodge any responsibility if the guide does not reach you. If you’ve ever used Czech Post, you know what we’re talking about.